1- The parts to be provided by the buyer

1- The copy of the CNI, passport + birth
certificate 2- The certificate of termination of payment or the transfer certificate issued by the ACCC
3- Copy of the contract or amendment to the contract
4- Receipts CDA payment

In the event of the death of the purchaser, produce in addition:

  • 1 Act of inheritance or notoriety
  • 1 Certificate of no recall
  • 1 Certificate of death

5- The administrative fees payable to the ACCC

2- Files created by the ACCC

1- The technical file prepared by an ACCC Authorized Expert Surveyor
2- The master plans prepared by an ACCC Authorized Surveyor
3- The Guides and the Registers
4- The information sheets to be filled in by the ACCC ACCC
These files thus constituted are transmitted to the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urbanism (MCLAU).
They are treated in two stages:

 The Single Window of Land and Housing
 Receives the files,
 Captures them,
 Scans them and transmits them to the Direction of the Urban Domain.

 The Direction of the Urban Domain
 Receives the guides, the registers and the overall plans,
 Scans them and verifies the conformity before drafting the project of the National Certificate.

After this step, validated files are sent to the General Tax Directorate.
These files are processed by two (02) structures:

 The Land Conservation creates the number of the Dossier de morcellement and transmits it to the Cadastre,

 The Cadastre makes the contradictory demarcation and then transmits the Terminal-Verbal Report to the Land Conservation for the creation of the Land Title,

 The Registrar transmits the creation note of Title Foncier to the Director of the Urban Domain for the drafting of an ACD project,

 The CDA project is subject to the signature of the Minister of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urban Planning,

 The signed ACD is sent to the Registrar for payment of the transfer price and ancillary costs,

 After payment of the fees and publicity of the owner’s rights to the Land Book, the signed ACD is transmitted to the Director of the Urban Estate, who forwards it to the Single Window for withdrawal,

 ACCC withdraws the ACD and remits it to the acquirer.