Quality approach to the Treasury Public: The General Manager's Office made aware of Service Commitments

The Quality and Standardization Department (DQN) is continuing its awareness-raising campaign with the Agents on the principles of quality management and service commitments.
Thus, after the members of the Management Committee, Process Pilots and Quality Service Managers, it was the turn of the staff of the Office of the Director General to be instructed by the DQN.
This sensitization, which took place on Thursday, December 28, 2017, aims to remind the Agents of the principles of quality management. It is also important for the DQN to insist on the paramount importance of the effective application of service commitments by all Agents.
Indeed, the Treasury has defined eight (8) service commitments grouped within four (4) areas of commitment namely: physical reception, telephone reception, handling of complaints and complaints mail, provision of benefits.
Present to encourage its employees, the General Manager of the Treasury and Public Accounting, ASSAHORE Konan Jacques has once again translated its commitment to quality management and to the reference of service commitments. Also a permanent communication to all the agents on the respect of these commitments proves it necessary to satisfy more the users / customers.
This is why ASSAHORE welcomed the quality of the presentations and especially the interest of the staff in this training.
As a reminder, the General Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounting is engaged in a process of global certification of its services by 2019.